Family heartbroken at death of Tongan teen

    A Tongan family in South Auckland have been left heartbroken at the loss of a 17-year-old teenage girl whose cause of death has yet to be determined by authority.

    Jessica Kiutau the eldest daughter of Lolesio and Benita Kiutau was found dead at her home in Papatoetoe yesterday Saturday, October 31.

    According to a family member, Emergency Services were called in and an intensive first aid effort was made to revive her before she was taken to hospital.

    Her aunt Sr Kalala Taufa Kiutau has confirmed her death to Kaniva News last night.

    She also wrote on Facebook after she received the news: “Kiutau family is a big family…..but we failed to help and save our niece….a cousin….and an aunt to grand nieces and grand nephews”.

    “Jessica will be missed for her deep love of children…..she had a great sense of humour”.


    1. Mālōlō ha taʻahine taʻu 17 ʻi ʻAokalani Nuʻu Sila ka ʻoku teʻeki fakahā ʻe he kau maʻu mafaí ko e hā ʻa e tupuʻanga totonu ʻo ʻene maté.

      Naʻe mālōlō ʻa Jessica Kiutau ʻi honau ʻapi nofoʻanga ʻi Papatoetoe ʻaneafi ʻaho Tokonaki 31 ʻo ʻOkatopá pea ne ʻi ai foki ʻa e kau tokoni fakavavevave ʻa a fale mahaki ʻo feingaʻi ke fakaake pea toki ʻave mei ai ki fale mahaki.

      Naʻe fakapapauʻi mai ʻa e pekiá ni ki he Kanivá ʻe hono mehikitanga ko e taupoʻou ko Sr Kalala Taufa Kiutau.


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