Two fishermen missing off Niuatoputapu coast

    Picture: The Tongan patrol craft VOEA Savea

    Two fishermen were missing since Tuesday 6 in a small boat somewhere between Niuatoputapu and its surrounding islands.

    Police said the 58 and 49-year-old men were known to go out fishing on their own on one of the reefs around the island.

    A search and rescue effort is underway to find the duo.

    The incident happened on the same day the New Zealand P-3K2 Orion located the Tongan fishing vessel Pacific Sunrise this week after it had issued a distress signal due to no power and flat batteries on board.

    “The Orion successfully dropped a spare VHF radio to the vessel enabling the crew to re-establish essential communication and coordinate a rendezvous with another vessel”.


    1. ‘Oku lolotonga mole ‘i tahi ha ongo tamaio’eiki Niuatoputapu ta’u 49 mo e ta’u 58 hili ia ‘ena tukufolau ‘o toutai ‘i he ‘aho Tusite 6 ‘i ha hakau ‘i he ngaahi feitu’u takatakai pe he motu.

      ‘Oku lolotonga fai ‘a e fekumi kia kinaua fakatatau ki he lau ‘a e kau polisi.


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