Fraud with fake papers, four charged

Four men accused of using fake birth certificate and other documents to obtain a passport from Immingration are facing several forgery and deception charges in Nukuʻalofa.

Tonga’s Deputy Police Commissioner ‘Unga Fa’aoa has confirmed an investigation was launched earlier this month after Police received complaint concerning a suspicious passport application.

It was alleged the suspect was non-Tongan and he or she used forged Tongan birth certificate in the application.

The accused were facing charges of forgery, knowingly dealing with forged documents, illegal access and interference with course of justice.

The four accused will appear at the Magistrate Court on Monday November 9, 2015.

As the matter is before court police were unable to comment further.


  1. Kuo tukuakiʻi ha kau tangata ʻe toko fā ki hono ngāueʻaki ha tohi taʻu loi mo ha ngaahi meʻa fakapepa pea kuo nau fehangahangai aim o ha ngaahi fakaʻilo ki he hia liliu kākā ʻi Nukuʻalofa.

    Kuo tukuakiʻi e kau tangatá ni ki he liliu kākaaʻi ʻo ha meʻa fakapepa ʻi he ʻiloʻilo pau, hū taʻe fakalao ke maʻu ʻa e fakamatala mo hono fakafeʻātungiaʻi e ngāue ʻa e kau polisí.

    Ko e fakaʻilo ʻeni hili ia ha lāunga kau ki ha kole paasipooti ʻa ha taha ʻikai ko ha Tonga ki he ʻImikuleisiní ke foaki ange haʻane paasipooti.

    Te nau hā ʻi he Fakamaauʻanga Polisí ʻi he Mōnite ʻaho 9 ʻo Nōvemá.


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