Man from Haveluloto dies after diving with hookah rig

A 33-year-old man from Haveluloto died after a dive using a hookah rig breathing apparatus offshore of Mānima island near Patangata on Friday morning at about 3am, according to Police.

The deceased was last known to have lived in Pātangata and he was with five others while on the fishing trip, according to Police Communication Officer, Telesia Adams.

The diving practice is illegal. Last year Police charged a man in connection to the death of a hookah diver from Navutoka who died while diving at Kelefesia Island in Tongatapu.


  1. Mate tangata Haveluloto kae nofo Pātangata lolotonga haʻane uku hina kasa ʻi Falaite uike kuo ʻosí.

    Ko e meʻa ʻeni ne hoko ʻi he motu ko ia Mānima fakafuofua ki he 3 hengihengi.

    Ko e pekiá ne nau ō mo ha toko nima kehe ʻo toutai.


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