Constructors in Tonga hire a forklift and an empty container to help send some of them to work at the top of a matapā (decorated entrance) they were building in one of the roads in Tongatapu. Photo/Pila Kami (Facebook)

When the bucket-lift truck services are busy erecting scaffolding somewhere in the country, and the ladder that was supposed to be used to complete the preparations of the crowning was borrowed by a neighbour who forgot to return it, there is still a way to get the job done.

Instead of awaiting a bucket-lift truck or looking for a ladder or two, the individuals who were working on the matapā in preparation for the crowning had an innovative idea to help them complete their work.

They hired a forklift truck that was used to lift an empty container. On top of the container, various people stood, using the container as their very own workbench. Once lifted into the air, they managed to finish off the matapā before the crowning of His Majesty.

This innovative example of work perfectly describes the mentality of the Tongan – creativities, skillful and task-oriented.

Because of the coronation rush making many public services busy as there is less than 24 hours to go before the coronation, Tongans have no time to lose. They are busy finishing off important tasks before the end of the day, so that they can enjoy the crowning event without having to worry about last minute jobs or duties.

Their Majesties King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipauʻu Tukuʻaho will be crowned tomorrow at the Centenary Church in Kolomotuʻa.


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