Double tragedy – ʻBeloved teacher’ remembered, communities in mourning

    Photo (Facebook). Left is 22-year-old ‘Emeline Ngalu Pousini. Right is 25-year-old  Foekina Jagroop

    Maʻufanga and Fasimoeafi communities are grieving a double loss as the body of the second victim of Veitongo drowning tragedy  was retrieved from the water yesterday Sunday 12.

    The body of Foekina Jagroop 25 of Fasimoeafi was found by a search-and-rescue team one day after the body of Emeline  Ngalu Pousini 22 of Maʻufanga was preiviously recovered from the water on Saturday 11.

    A statement from Tongan Police this afternoon says Jagroop and Pousini were at the beach on Saturday 11 for a picnic with friends and teachers from ʻAhopanilolo Technical Institute.

    Jagroop got into trouble after he was caught by a localised current and swept into deeper water.

    Kaniva was reliably told that when the alarm was raised Pousini, a very close friend of Jagroop was the first to respond. She entered the water and tried to rescue him but she got into difficulty and swept out into the deep.

    Rescuers had managed to pull her from the water but she was dead.

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    Jagroop was a well-respected, integral part of the Ahopanilolo Technical Institute, and indeed Maʻufanga and Fasi community, his family said.

    Tributes from what are understood to be students and colleagues of the ‘beloved teacher’ were posted on Facebook.

    Sonia Muir, a former teacher at Ahopanilolo Technical College but now back in Australia was shocked and took to Facebook when she heard the news.

    “We woke to the devastating news that Kina the talented and beautiful teacher at ‘Ahopanilolo has drowned. Our thoughts are with our grieving Tongan ATI family and Kina’s family. Much love and hugs from across the ocean to you all xx,” Muir wrote.

    Natalie Montanaro, a fellow teacher, was reeling from his death and took to Facebook.

    “The tragedy of your loss is felt by so many of us and I will never forget your kindness, your heart, your beauty and soul. You had a hug for me every day at work at ATI and the small, but meaningful moments we shared will never be forgotten. The ocean is so often an unpredictable and terrible beast and looking out over the waves at its formidable power yesterday as you were swept away from us, calling out your name over and over (I know you heard) and feeling such a great emptiness, was the most awful thing. I wish you peace in your next life. Your impact on my life and all others was too short. I will miss you. And I am so very sorry for all who knew you, your family and friends. Your last words to me just before you swam away will stay with me forever. Thank you, lovely Kina. Goodbye.”

    “Rest In Peace Kina Jag Jagroop and Line Ngalu. Gone but not forgotten Let the Peace of Christ rule in your soul see you in a better place”.

    A friend Fusipala Kakalaʻiloa Kaufusi struggled when he heard the news.

    “This is not real .. please someone tell me that its not true .. Kina I just talked with you last Wednesday .. man .. Love and Miss you Queen”.

    “Sad news from Tonga with the passing of our friend and talented, wonderful, teacher Kina Jag Jagroop. Our thoughts go out to Kina’s family and all the ATI students and teachers,” another colleague of Kina who is now in Australia wrote.

    “Kina, thank you for being a sweet memory in my life. U have been a wonderful person and im sure God calls you to join him rejoicing. I will miss u and your kind face. My love to you and Line as you will enter His kingdom!! Rest easy in paradise my dear friend”.


    1. Kuo ma’u ‘a e sino ‘o e tokotaha tangata mei Fasimoeafi ‘i he toko ua ne mole ‘i he liku ʻo Veitongó ʻi he ʻaho Tokonaki kuo ʻosí.

      Ko e tokotaha ʻeni ko Foekina Jagroop taʻu 25. Ne na mole fakataha mo ʻEmeline Ngalu Pousini taʻu 22 ʻo Maʻufangá ka ne maʻu pe sino ʻo Pousini ʻi he Tokonakí.

      Ne toki maʻu e sino ʻo Jagroop ʻaneafi ʻaho Sāpate ko hono 12. Naʻe faiako ʻa Jagroop ʻi he Akoʻanga ʻAhopanoló pea kuo ʻohifo ai ha ngaahi tala pōpoaki fiekaungā mamahi mei muli kiate ia mei he kaungā faiako ne nau faiako fakataha ka kuo nau foki atu kinautolu ki honau fonuá.

      Taimi tatau ʻoku hangē ha haá e lakuʻalofia ʻa e ngaahi fiekaungā mamahi kehekehe ʻa e ngaahi kaungāmeʻá mo e fāmili ki he mole ʻa e ongo tautonu ko ʻeni ka ko e ʻofaʻanga mo e peletuʻukanoʻifofonga.


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