NZ Member of Parliament Jenny Salesa visiting Tonga

    Member of Parliament, Jenny Lātū Salesa, will be visiting Tonga for two weeks during the Coronation of King Taufaʻāhau Tupou VI.

    Jenny Salesa is the first Tongan-born woman to have been elected as a Member of the New Zealand Parliament. She represents the Manukau East Electorate in Auckland and is the Labour spokesperson on Education Skills and Training.

    She is the Tongan representative on the Auckland Mayoral Fund for the Pacific and is Chair of the Ha‘apai Relief Committee.

    During her two-week visit to the Kingdom, she will be undertaking a speaking schedule to encourage and empower women, and girls to have career goals, to aim high and to achieve to the best of their abilities.

    She will be meeting with the women candidates from the recent election along with women interested in political careers or public affairs.

    Her speaking tour will also include:

    –        Visiting schools to meet with teachers and to address students during assembly

    –        Speaking at conferences and alumni events

    –        Attending various churches

    –        Visiting Tongan kava clubs.


    1. ʻE ʻaʻahi atu ki Tonga ʻa e fakafofonga Fale Alea Nuʻu Sila ka ko e Tonga ko ia ko Jenny Salesa.

      Ko ʻene ʻaʻahi ʻeni ke kau atu ki hono maʻalali ʻa e hilifaki kalauni ʻo ʻEna ʻAfifió Kingi Tupou VI mo Kuini Nanasipauʻu Tukuʻaho.

      Lolotonga ʻene ʻi Tonga te ne ʻaʻahi aki he ngaahi akó, siasí mo e ngaahi kalapu kavatongá.

      Te ne lea foki ʻi ha ngaahi konifelenisi pehē ki ha fakataha ʻa e ngaahi ako tutukú.


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