Image of sexual assault suspect released following attack at Mt Wellington

PHOTO: Police investigating a serious sexual attack in Auckland are seeking to identify a man from CCTV footage. Photo/Supplied

A CCTV footage of a man wanted over the sexual assault of a woman in Auckland’s Mt Wellington suburb on Waitangi Day has been released by New Zealand Police.

Police believed the man was Tongan between 18 – 25 years of age with a short black hair.

He was wearing a yellow v-neck shirt and brown camouflage shorts with a distinctive faded tattoo on his upper left thigh

On the day of the incident he forced his way into a house and sexually attacked a woman.

Detective Braden Harris says the attack occurred at approximately midday on Waitangi Day at a house on Mt Wellington Highway.

“He subjected the lone female in the house to a serious and nasty sexual attack,” Harris says.

“This was a prolonged attack which has left the victim exceptionally traumatised, which she will be for a very long time.”

The CCTV footage captured that day shows a man cutting across the Countdown Mt Wellington carpark and running behind the supermarket alongside Hamlin Park.

Anyone with information can call Detective Braden Harris 213 8205 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to give information anonymously.


  1. Kuo tuku ange mai ʻe he kau Polisi Nuʻu Sila ní ha laʻitā ʻo nau kole ki he kakai naʻa lava ke nau tokoni ange ʻo fakamahino ko hai ʻa e tokotaha ko ʻeni.

    Ko e laʻitā ko ʻeni ko e toʻo mei ha ʻata vitiō ne toki maʻu ki mui ʻoku ngali ko e tokotaha ʻeni ne ne fai hano ʻohofi fakamālohiʻi ʻo ha fefine.

    Ne fakahoko e meʻa ni ʻi Mt Wellington ʻi he ʻaho fakamanatu ʻo e Waitangi.

    ʻOku tui e kau Polisí ko e tokotaha ʻi he laʻitaá ne ne fakahoko ʻa e meʻá ni pea ko e Tonga ʻoku ʻi hono taʻu 18 ki he 25 pea ʻulu ʻuliʻuli nonou pē pea ʻoku ʻi ai ʻa e foʻi tātau ʻi ʻolunga ʻi hono alanga toʻohemá.


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