Eight legged dog born in Vainī

A puppy was born with one head and eight legs in the village of Vainī in Tonga.

The black and white puppy was the only one of her five siblings to be born with abnormal features and only lived for several hours before she died Tuesday 27.

Vukitangitau Maloni who uploaded photos of the puppy to Facebook said he was on his way to drop children off at school when he came across the little dog with its rare condition.

He confirmed the puppy has eight legs.

The incredible photographs show the tiny puppy has two sets of front legs, two sets of back legs, and even two tails.

Maloni named the owner of the dog as Mele Lote.

He was also quoted by The Daily Mail as saying “”I’ve never seen anything like this before,” he said. “She was struggling to crawl and unfortunately, she died a few hours later. My neighbour’s dog gave birth to five other healthy puppies but she was the cutest out of them.”



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