Tongan community grieves tragedy of three family members killed in accident .

The Tongan community in Auckland has mourned the death of three family members who were killed in a fiery crash on SH2 near Tauranga Saturday night 9.

Tevunga Vaea, 71, her daughter Louina Vaea, 45, and daughter-in-law Takua Vaea, 32, died when the minivan they were in collided with a car in the Bay of Plenty.

The women, who were travelling in the van with six other relatives,  were expected to join relatives in Tauranga during Mother’s Day.

The vehicles caught fire after they collided on State Highway 2, between Whakamarama and Te Puna.

The six other relatives in the van were treated and discharged from Tauranga Hospital.

They were two girls aged 2 and 15, two women aged 20 and 57, and two men aged 29 and 41  as well as the passenger of the car – 35-year-old Sam O’Brien.

The deceased close friends and family members were devastated by their death.

“R.I.P My beautiful aunty Tevunga, it was shocked to all of us. and to your daughter Louina very sad to see you go so young. an for your daughter in law” said Matelita Morgan on Facebook.

“O.M.G I can’t express the feelings that I have rite (SIC) now wat (SIC) a heart breaking news i received today…RIL my unforgettable grandma,aunty Louina Vaea,and Takua Shiryl Vaea….Really miss u…fly high till we meet again”. — feeling stressed,” Vunga Vaea wrote.

“Our family just lost 3 woman tonight all at the same time  baddest news ever received Tonight! & it’s mothers day tomorrow  mad love going out to my Vaitohi family. Please Lord give us the strength to get through what just happened. 2015 defitnly not our families year!” another Facebook user wrote.

The deceased were from Onehunga in Auckland and Kanokupolu in Tongatapu.


  1. Kuo tēngihia ʻe he komiunitī Tonga ʻi ʻAokalaní ni ʻa e pekia ʻa ha toko mei ha fāmili ʻi ʻOnehunga hili ia ha fakatuʻutāmaki ʻi he SH2 ofi ki he Taulanga ʻi he pō Tokonaki ko hono ʻaho 9.

    Naʻe mālōlō ʻa Tevunga Vaea taʻu 71, Louina Vaea taʻu 45 mo e ʻofefine ʻi he laó ko Takua Vaea taʻu 32 he taimi ne fepaki ai ʻenau vēní mo ha kā ʻi he feituʻu Bay of Plenty.

    Naʻe ʻamanaki ke Sāpate Faʻē ʻa e kau pekiá fakataha mo ha toko ono kehe he vēní mo hanau fāmili pe ʻi Taulanga.
    Naʻe iku ki he puho ʻa e vēní ʻi he vahaʻa ʻo Whakamarama mo Te Puna.

    Ko e toko onó ne iku faitoʻo pe kinautolu ʻi he fale mahakí pea fakaʻatā.

    Ko e ongo tamaiki fefine ia taʻu 2 mo e 15, ongo fefine ʻe toko ua taki taʻu 20 mo e 57 pea pehē ongo tangata ʻe toko ua taki taʻu 29 mo e taʻu 41. Ne kau ʻi he lavea mo e fakaʻuli ʻo e kaá tangata ko Sam OʻBrien taʻu 35 ʻa ia ne lavea foki.

    Ko e kau fāmilí ʻoku pehē ne nau nofo Onehunga.


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