A magnitude 6 earthquake reported near Haʻapai felt in Tongatapu

A magnitude of 6 earthquake that struck near Haʻapai groups at the north of Tonga this afternoon Wednesday 20 was felt at the mainland Tongatapu.

It hit at 12.30pm and was located 128km west northwest of Pangai and 204km of Nukuʻalofa. It was at a depth of 180km.

No immediate reports of causalities or structural damages.

On Facebook Fulila Tangata’iloa who lives in Tongatapu said in Tongan there was shaking during lunch time.

The quake also struck 632 ESE of Lambasa, Fiji and 722 km (448 mi) SSW of Apia, Samoa


  1. To ha mofuike ‘i he malohi ko e makinitute ‘e 6 he taimi 12.30 ‘o e ho’ataa ni ‘o ofi ‘i Ha’apai pea ne a’u foki ‘o ‘ongo’i ‘e ha ni’ihi’i Tongatapu.


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