Tonga's Tourism GM resigns

Tongan General Manager of Tourism, Stuart Perry has resigned from his job as head of Tonga’s Ministry of Tourism.

Matangi Tonga news website has reported that Mr perry will take up a new employment in a Tourism Organisation in New Zealand.

Mr Perry was the first General Manager of the Tongan Tourism Organisation which started in January 2014.

Mr Perry has more than 30 years experience in general management, tourism management, media communication and public relation.

He was also involved in economic development, marketing and brand management.


  1. Kuo fakafisi ‘a e Pule Lahi ‘o e Takimamata ‘a Tonga, Stuart Perry mei he’ene ngāue ko e ʻulu ia ʻo e Potungaue Takimamatá.

    Ne pehē ʻi he līpooti ʻa e Matangi Tonga ʻe hoko atu ʻa Perry ia ki haʻane ngāue foʻou ʻana ʻi ha kautaha takimamata fakafeituʻu ʻi Nuʻu Sila.


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