Tonga Power new owner of Laʻā Lahi Solar Farm

The Tongan government has resolved to transfer ownership of the Laʻā Lahi Solar Farm in Neiafu to the Tonga Power Limited on March 23, 2015.

It was previously owned by the Tongan government.

The decision was made after government revealed it no longer afford the high operational costs and expenses it has to pay to keep the solar farm running.

The transfer of ownership was signed by Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Siaosi Sovaleni and Tonga Power’s new CEO  Robert Matthews.

The $4.7 million dollars project was funded by the United Arabs Emirates (UAE).

The 500 KWh solar farm can save up to 300,000 litres of diesel per year.


  1. Kuo ‘oange ‘a e ma’u’anga ivi ko ia mei he laʻaá ʻi Vavaʻu ne maʻu ʻe he Puleʻanga Tongá ke maʻu ia ʻe he Tonga Power Ltd.

    Ne tuʻunga ʻeni ʻi he ʻikai kei lava ʻe he puleʻangá ke fua ʻa e ngaahi fakamolé.

    Ko e polōseki ko ʻeni ne fakapaʻanga ia ʻe he United Arabs Emirates.

    ʻOku fakahaofi ʻe he maʻuʻanga ivi laʻaá ni ʻa e lita tīsolo ʻe 300,000 he taʻu.


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