Folaumoetu'i new ceo office of the commissioner for public relations

The Office of the commissioner for Public Relations has appointed Linda Simiki Folaumoetu’i as its CEO on  February 27, 2015.

The appointment was effective March 5, 2015 for a period of three years.

A statement from the government of Tonga said:

“As Chief Executive Officer for Public Relations, Mrs. Folaumoetu’i has the responsibility of implementing government policies and decisions, and for managing the administrative, operational activities of the Office of the Public Relations. In addition, she will be responsible for the investigation, review and inspection of the administrative conduct of government ministries and agencies; and provide advice and guidance in order to ensure people are treated fairly.

“Mrs. Linda Folaumoetu’i’s career in the public service began in 1993 as a Legal Crown Counsel at the Crown Law Department, Nuku’alofa. Since then, she has taken over senior positions in the Department, including Assistant Crown Counsel, Crown Counsel, Assistant Senior Crown Counsel, Senior Crown Counsel as well as the Solicitor general from 2006 until July 2008.

“From July 2008 to 2014, Mrs. Folaumoetu’i carried out an advisory role as a legal adviser at the Attorney General’s Chambers Office, Honiara, Solomon Islands. Mrs. Folaumoettu’i has sat on various professional committees which includes being Secretary to the Commission of inquiry for Royal Tongan Airlines, member of court of Marine Inquiry into damages caused by the MV Pulupaki to the MV Olovaha, member of the Ministry of Public Service Committee dealing with disciplinary procedures, member of the Anti-Corruption Taskforce in Solomon Islands, and was a member of the Solomon Islands Bar Association.

“Mrs Folaumoetu’i holds a, a Bachelor of Arts (1989) and a Bachelor of Laws (1993) degree from the University of Auckland, New Zealand Masters in Law (2000) from the University of Melbourne, Australia and a Diploma in Legislative Drafting (2001) from the University of the South Pacific.

“The Public Service Commission welcomes Mrs. Linda Folaumoetu’i’s appointment as Chief Executive Officer of the Commissioner for Public Relations and wishes her all the best in her professional career”.


  1. Fakanofo ‘a Linda Simiki Folaumoetu’i ko e CEO ia ‘a e Komisiona ki he Public Relation kamata lau mei he ‘aho 5 ‘o Ma’asi.

    Ko e tokotaha taukei fakaako mo ngaue ‘a Linda pea ne ne ‘osi fai ‘a e ngaue fale’i fakalao ‘i Solomone mo e ngaahi kautaha fakapule’anga kehekehe pe.

    Kuo ne ‘osi ma’u ‘a e ngaahi tu’unga fakaako faka’univesiti mei Fisi, Nu’u Sila mo ‘Aositelelia foki.


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