PM Office warns fake email using Siosiua Poʻoi Pōhiva's name

    Tonga’s Prime Minister’s office has warned the public about a “disrespectful”, “uncertified” and “wrongful” email being circulated in the internet under a fake email address using the Prime Minister’s private assistant secretary’s name Siosiua Poʻoi Pōhiva.

    The bogus email used the address

    “The Office of the Prime Minister warns the public, and in particular the recipients of the abovementioned email address, that a contemptible act has been found to have used the above email address in circulating …unacceptable allegations against the Acting Chief Secretary and Secretary for Cabinet, Mr AholotuPalu.

    “It is in fact Mr. Siosiua Poʻoi Pohiva has no email account at Gmail, as mentioned above, instead he only has an email account with the YAHOO, which is

    “Mr. Siosiua Po’oi Pohiva has also written a letter, alerting the public of his non-involvement in any allegations whatsoever, which seems to have stated on this unauthorized and faked email account. (

    “With this in mind, it is believed the intention was to jeopardize the working relationships between Po’oi Pohiva, Prime Minister’s PA, and the Acting Chief Secretary and Secretary for Cabinet, ‘Aholotu Palu.

    “It should be also noted this hateful act is an insult against the persistent effort and ability of the Hon. Prime Minister and his new government in the pursuit of their vision”


    1. Kuo tuku mai ‘e he ʻŌfisi ʻo e Palēmia ʻo Tongá ha fakatokanga ki he kakaí fekauʻaki mo ha ʻīmeili taʻe fakaʻapaʻapa, ʻikai ko ha fakamoʻoni ia ʻa e taha totonu ʻoku tau hingoa ki ai e ʻīmeilí pea hala foki hono foungá, kuo tufaki he ʻinitanetí ʻo ngāueʻaki ʻa e hingoa ʻo Siosiua Poʻoi Pōhivá , ko e sekelitali taautaha ia ʻa e Palēmiá.

      Ko e ʻīmeili ko ʻení ʻoku ʻikai ke moʻoni pea naʻe faʻufaʻu ia ke tukuhifo ʻa e Sekelitali Leʻoleʻo mo Sekelitali Pule ki he Kapinetí, ʻAholotu Palu.

      Ko e ʻimeili kovi ko ʻení ʻoku ngāueʻaki ʻa e tuʻasila ko e ka kuo pehē mei he ʻŌfisi ʻo e Palēmiá ʻoku ʻikai ha ʻīmeili ia ʻa Poʻoi ʻi he gmail. Ko ʻene ʻīmeili totonú ʻana ʻi he kautaha Yahoo ʻa ia ko e

      Kuo ‘osi tuku mai foki ʻe Poʻoi haʻane ʻīmeili ʻo fakamahino ʻoku ʻikai haʻane kaunga ki he ʻimeili taʻe fakamafaiʻi mo fasituʻu ko ʻení.

      ʻOku tui e ʻŌfisi Palemia ko e taumuʻa ʻa e ʻīmeili ko ʻení ke maumauʻi e vā fengāueʻaki ʻi he vahaʻa ʻo Poʻoi mo e Sekelitali Leʻoleʻo ki he Kapinetí.

      Ko e ʻímeili taʻeʻofa ʻeni ke maumauʻi e tūkuingata ʻa e ʻEiki Palēmiá mo hono puleʻanga foʻoú ke tuiaki ʻene vīsone maʻa e fonuá, koe fakamatala ia mei he ʻOfisi o e Palēmiá.


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