Government terminates Real Tonga MA60 operation

The Tongan government has grounded Real Tonga’s controversial MA60 aircraft pending requirements by its new civil aviation act to be fulfilled by the airline.

The aircraft has been returned to the government this week after its lease was terminated due to the new legislation.

The new legislation introduced by the Tongan government required the Xian MA60 aircraft to undergo a new licensing process that was effective on Sunday, February 8 before reissuing of a new license would be considered.

The airline company released a statement that said: “This new legislation impacts the MA60 operation on two levels. Firstly, the Type Acceptance of the aircraft through the Ministry of Infrastructure must be re-issued after the aircraft has undergone type certification in line with and in compliance to the New Zealand Civil Aviation Rules. In a formal report on the status of the MA60, by PASO, the recommendation from PASO was to ground the MA60 pending full and proper type acceptance.

“Secondly, Real Tonga must address issues on its Part 121 operation to adequately demonstrate full compliance to the same rule part under NZ CARs.

“The MA60 is therefore not operating until the two above requirements have been met and the aircraft has now been formally returned to Government and the lease between Government and Real Tonga has been terminated”.

The MA60 would be replaced by a second British Aerospace  Jetstream 32 aircraft in March, the Airline said.


  1. Kuo tuʻutuʻuni ʻe he Puleʻanga Tongá ke tuʻu ʻoua naʻa toe puna ʻa e vakapuna mohu tukuakiʻi ʻa e Real Tonga ko e MA60 ʻo fakatatali ki hano fakakakato ʻe he kautaha vakapuná ni e fiemaʻu ʻa e lao foʻou ki he fepunaʻaki sivilé.

    Kuo fakafoki ai ʻa e vakapuná ni ki he Puleʻangá pea fakangata foki mo hono lisí ʻo fakatatau ki he tuʻutuʻuni ʻa e lao foʻoú.

    Ko e lao foʻou ko ʻeni kuo tuku mai ʻe he puleʻanga Tongá ʻoku fiemaʻu ke toe laiseni foʻou e vakapuna ngaohi mei Siaina ko ʻení i he Potungāue Infalakisaá ʻi he founga laiseni foʻou ne kamata ngāueʻaki ʻi he ʻaho Sāpate 8 ʻo Fepuelí.

    Kuo tuku mai ʻe he kautaha vakapuná ni ʻenau fakamatala ʻo pehē ai ʻoku uesia ʻe he lao foʻoú ʻa e MA60 ʻi ha lēvolo ʻe ua. ʻUluakí kuopau ke toe fakafoʻou ʻi he Potungāue ʻInifalakisaá ʻa hono tali ʻo e faʻahinga vaka ko ʻení hili ia hano siviʻi ke hoa mo e lao fepunaʻaki sivile ʻa Nuʻu Silá. ʻI ha lipooti mei he PASO hili ʻenau sivi fakalelei ʻa e tuʻunga ne ʻi ai ʻa e M60 ne nau fokotuʻu mai ai ke tohi tuʻu e vakapuna ni ʻo fakatatali kae vakaiʻi.
    Ua ki aí kuopau ke ngāue ʻa e Real Tongá ki he ngaahi ʻīsiu ʻi he konga 121 ʻo ʻene fakahoko fatongiá kae lava ke fakahoko kakato ʻo fakatatau mo e lao tatau ʻi he NZ CARs.
    Koi a ai ʻe ʻikai toe puna ʻa e MA60 kae ʻoua leva kuo fakakakato ʻa e ngaahi fiemaʻu kuo tuku maí, ko e lau ia ʻa e kautahá. Kuo fakafoki ai ʻa e vakapuná ni ki he Puleʻangá pea kuo fakangata ai foki ʻa e lisi koi a ʻi he vā ʻo e Puleʻangá mo e Real Tonga.
    Pehē ʻe he kautahá ʻe fetongi ʻa e MA60 ʻaki ha vakapuna ʻe taha he kalasi British Aerospace Jetstream, 32 ʻi Māʻasi.


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