Valerie crowned World Athlete of the Year

    The Tongan-New Zeland born Valerie Kasānita Adams has been named the World Athlete of the Year in Monaco on Saturday.

    The Olympic champion shot putter was the first New Zealand to win the award.

    “(This is) for me, my family, my country and all women shot-putters,” Adams was quoted by Fairfax Media as saying.

    “I’m so proud and humbled by this and it makes such a special ending to a challenging but very successful year for me.”

    “We have such a great sport and we should all be very proud of what our sport brings. Also thanks to all the support back in my home country New Zealand. It’s nice to have this award for my country as well.”


    1. Kuo foaki kia Valerie Kasānita Adams ʻa e pale ki he tokotaha sipoti ʻa māmaní ʻi he Tokonakí.

      Ko e fefine Tonga fanauʻi ʻi Nuʻu Silá ni ʻa e fuofua Nuʻu Sila ke ne maʻu ʻa e palé ni.


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