Horrific school fight in Tonga caught on video

    A student severely beaten and sustained a large cut in his face following a fight among students in Nuku’alofa was caught on a video first uploaded into Youtube on November 10, 2014.

    The video shows a boy got knocked out and was lying unconscious on the road while he was kicked in the head.

    Warning – the video contains offensive language in Tongan and the fighting may shock viewers

    Women, apparently related to the boy were heard crying and calling the name Sali while the boy was lying unconscious on the road.

    The women were among the people who helped to protect the boy while he was being attacked.

    The boy has a large cut in his face.

    The fight spreads and more fights continued while the injured boy was taken to the roadside and was later taken on a pick-up van.

    Kaniva News could not be able to confirm the authenticity of the video and whether the claim the fight was between Tonga College students and Liahona High School students was true or not.

    However according to information we have it suggested the video was the latest after or before a fight reported on local media in the first week of November. Following that fight a student from Apifo’ou college was seriously injured after he was allegedly beaten by students from Liahona High School.  The victim was admitted to hospital and was in a critical but stable condition.


    1. Hange kiate au koe ki’i fefine tatau pe ‘eni na’ane faitaa’i hono ‘ohofi he ‘e tama ta’e teunga ako liahona e leka ‘Atele ‘i Teufaiva pea toki taa’i ai he ‘e polisi.Koia pe ‘eni ‘oku muimui holo he kauleka ta’e teunga ako ko’eni faitaa’i ‘enau ‘ohofi e kauleka ako ‘Atele..Tokua koia ‘oku media hono taa he tamaiki liahona e kauleka ‘atele..Pea koe ‘atunga ee kuo si’i lavea ‘a Sali..Pe koe tamaiki ta’e teunga ko’eni ‘oku nau kei ako pe ‘ikai ‘oku nau oo holo ai ‘ohofi kauleka akoo ‘oku nau feinga ke a’u ki honau takitaha ‘api.’Ofa mai oo fai ha ngaue ‘oku ‘aonga…


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