Fiji authority ‘very concerned’ after rebels pull out

    Fears are growing for the safety of 45 Fijian peacekeepers after the al-Nusra front had pulled out of United Nations-brokered negotiations with rebel agents.

    The rebels al-Qaeda linked group claimed it was responsible for the capture of the 45 soldiers. At the sametime the Fijian and UN authorities could not be able to tell where exactly the soldiers are kept.

    In a press conference, RFMF Commander Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga has confirmed this to Fiji’s media saying there is still hope the rebels will “come back to the table very soon”.

    “Now we have reached the ninth day of capture and we are very concerned”, Fiji Times Online quoted Tikoitonga as saying.

    It has also been revealed the Land Force Commander Lieutenant Colonel Jone Kalouniwai and a team of three senior military officers will be flown to Syria next week to join the negotiators.

    The ambassador at large, Major- General Ioane Naivalurua, is travelling to New York next week to help put pressure on the UN system, Times report says.


    1. Oku fakalalahi ‘a e manavahe ki he tu’unga malu ‘oku ‘i ai ‘a e kau sotia tauhi melino ‘e toko 45 Fisi ‘oku pehe ‘oku lolotonga tauhi fakamalohi’i kinautolu ‘i Silia ‘e he kau tau fakafepaki Al-Nusra front hili e holomui ‘a e kau fakafofonga ‘o e kau fakafepaki mei ha alea ne nau fakahoko mo ha kau fakafofonga mei he Pule’anga Fakatahataha.
      Oku ‘ikai foki ‘ilopapau ia pe ko e fe feitu’u tonu ‘oku ‘i ai ‘a e kau sotia ko ‘eni kuo puke.
      Na’e ‘i ai ‘a e fiema’u foki ‘a e kau fakafepaki ko ‘eni ke fai ‘e he Pule’anga Fakatahataha kae toki tuku ange mai ‘a e kau Fisi ni.
      Ka ‘i he alea ne toki fai ne iku hu ki tu’a ai ‘a e kau fakafofonga fakafepaki ia ‘i he’enau ta’efiemalie ki he tali kuo ‘oange mei he Pule’anga Fakatahataha.
      ‘Oku matu’aki hoha’a lahi ki heni ‘a e kau ma’u mafai ‘o Fisi fakatatau ki hano fakaha ‘e he Komanita Pilikatia Seniale ‘a e fonua ko Mosese Tikoitonga.
      Na’a ne pehe foki ‘i he taimi tatau pe ‘oku ‘i ai ‘a e tui ‘e vave ni pe ha toe foki hake e kau fakafofonga ‘o e kau fakafepaki ki he tepile ‘o e alea.


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