Honolulu police wanted Bensemann Vaka’uta

Honolulu Police are working to confirm whether the person by the name Bensemann Vakauta they are looking for since 2012 is the same person New Zealand Police wanted to speak to early this week or not.

Auckland City police urged Vaka’uta, 22,  to present himself at a Police station after they were called to apartments inside the old Auckland Railway Station building  at 3pm, where a stabbing had occurred.

A woman at the Auckland 111 call centre  who answered the phone has told Kanva News this afternoon New Zealand Police are “no longer interested” in Vaka’uta. She declined to comment when she was asked whether Vaka'uta  was the same person wanted by Honolulu police.

Vaka'uta could not be reach for comment.

At the same time the Honolulu Police Department are seeking the public`s assistance in locating a person by the name Bensemann Vakauta who was wanted for a $50,000 warrant on October 2012. He was described as 21 years old at the time and has black hair and brown eyes.

Kim Buffett from Honolulu crimestopper could not confirm whether the Vaka’uta wanted by police in Auckland was the same person Honolulu police wanted.

“We cannot confirm this is the same person but we will forward this information to the detectives here”, Buffett said.


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