Tongan fans fume at Moala over Celtic shirt

Tongan fans took to social media to pillory their boxer Lomalito Moala who put on a Celtic shirt while the Tongan team were on their way out on to the stage on Wednesday’s Commonwealth opening ceremony.

The 22-year-old boxer surprisingly held out a Celtic shirt, before putting it on. His action was quickly met with strong criticism from Tongan fans on Facebook with many called to remove him from the team.

Moala, who won bronze in the lightweight 60kg boxing at Delhi 2010, said he will pull out of the Glasgow Games if Tongan officials discipline him for wearing the Celtic shirt. 

He later tweeted: “Hopefully I put a smile on yah faces! Scottish people you are blessed. Thank you for the love you have showed to not me but Tonga as well”.

"From the bottom of my heart you guys made me something I could have not imagined and I kept my promise. Celtic I kept you in my heart".

These are some of the comments on Facebook:

+ He's put smiles on Celtic fans for a minute but has put down his country for a lifetime.

+ Seek attention much? lol theres not that many Tongans to cheer you so why not get the locals? but lets test it on tweetz first to see if the plan will work lol

+ What a diva! Perhaps he should be reminded he's not there for himself, but representing TONGA??? What an idiot

+ He's too arrogant and won't win anything in this game. Tongan team official are idiot as well for allowing a stunt like this to happen. He's not bigger than the team? Stop kissing his a– and get rid of him.

+ Tonga has so many Scottish supporters now because of this! Toto atu (excellent), Lomalito


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