Mo’ui Fo’ou fellowship appoints first general secretary

Manukau, NZ – The members of the Mo'ui Fo'ou 'ia Kalaisi Fellowship Of New Zealand have appointed Rev Metuisela Ngata Puku Fangaloka as general secretary this week during their first annual conference in Manurewa.

It was the first time the fellowship appointed someone to the post since its followers broke away from the Tokaikolo Church in 2013 under the leadership of President Rev Sione Havili Maile.

The appointment of Fangaloka was a result of a secret ballot by fellowship members during the conference.

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                   Thousand assemble to mark the begining of the new Mo‘ui Fo‘ou ‘Ia Kalaisi Fellowship


L-R: Secretary General Metuisela Ngata Puku Fangaloka and President Sione Havili Maile


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