Free newspaper for the Tongan community

A free fortnightly newspaper for the Tongan community in Auckland has been proved successful after it was launched early this month.

Indige Bizcom Ltd publisher Kitekei’aho Tu’akalau has unveiled the Tau’ataina (The Independent) as part of an expansion made to the company’s radio broadcasting service.

The 24 pages tabloid-sized paper which is published in Tongan language serves more than 3000 Tongan readers within Auckland.

“We are running short every week according to our readers’ needs so there is plan to increase the print,” Tu’akalau said.

While most Tongan local newspapers become embroiled with Tonga’s current political chaos with some overtly stand by the government campaigning against radical democrats, Tu’akalau said, Tau’ataina keeps to its ethic.

“We are not competing with any newspapers as we are independent and free,” he said.  

Tu’akalau said the editorials and columnists are centrist and the paper has a mission to share with readers the “knowledge” and experiences they have.

The producer of the Dateline Tonga radio programme said negotiations are underway with agents in Australia, Hawaii, the United States and Tonga to publish the paper in those countries.

Tu’akalau holds a degree of Master of Arts in Communication Studies from the Auckland University of Technology in 2005.


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