Pahu collision, no 'stop sign'

The crash that caused four injuries after two cars collided at the corner of the Hala Lelue and Hala Holomui in Pahu this morning was attributed by residents in the areas to “Stop sign” being removed from the intersection.

A child and a driver of a vehicle that hit a power pole suffered leg and head injuries and were taken to hospital.

Another passenger on the same vehicle which was reported to be a child suffrered a minor injury.

The other driver was a woman and she was also injured. Her car after hitting the other vehicle had ploughed through a fence into a property off the intersection.

The two vehicles both received extensive front end damages.

Bystanders who live in the area said contractors who conducted a roadside working at the intersection last year removed the stop sign after they completed the work.

Police have yet to release details and identities of victims.


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