Man dies in Nafanua harbour collision

A 40 year-old man died after two fishing boats collided in the Nafanua harbour in 'Eua Thursday 5.

Petelo Halangahu from Angaha fell overboard in the dark when the boat he was a passenger in collided with another boat at around 4:00am.

The fishing boats were transporting passengers and goods inland from a naval ship that anchored offshore.

The naval ship arrived  from Tongatapu but could not be able to dock at the wharf, Police said.

Halangahu was immediately pulled from the water by rescuers who said he was not breathing according to Police.

He was taken to Niu’eiki Hospital where he was pronounced dead by the doctor.

An inquest was expected this week to find out the cause of the death and Police have yet to say whether any charges will be laid.


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