Fiji new military commander

    Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga, the Land Forces Commander, will take over today when Frank Bainimarama is stepping down as head of the military, to focus on contesting this year's election.

    Bainimarama was reported by Fiji Television as saying that today’s  handover ceremony “was not to farewell him, but to welcome the new commander”.

    “His stepping down as head of the military is a requirement under the new Constitution, paving the way for him to contest the upcoming general elections," the Television said.

    Bainimarama has served as both Fiji's head of the military and interim prime minister since 2007 after the coup in 2006.

    Last year's new constitution makes it illegal  for the members of the Fiji's military to be politically active so Bainimarama announced he would resign to head a new political party. 

    He said he will stand in elections expected in September.


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