Woman flees when her $50 fake pa’anga spotted

Tongan police arrested a man with a $50 fake note yesterday while searching for a woman who fled after a shop keeper in Havelu was examining a TP$50 the woman gave for shopping.

Police said the woman went to the shop with a TP$50. While the shopkeeper scrutinised the pa'anga the woman fled.

Police took the pa’anga from the shop and they have confirmed it is counterfeit.

Tonga National Reserve Bank has also warned the public after it obtained a $50 counterfeit pa’anga note.

Police said counterfeit currency is currently in circulation and have issued a warning to shopkeepers and members of the community to be aware of it.

Police investigation continues.

How to Spot a Fake Note:

You can spot a counterfeit note with a quick examination;

  *   The feel of the paper and raised print – many fake notes are flat

  *   The watermark – is it present, does it look genuine?

  *   The metallic thread – is it present?

Counterfeit notes are worthless. It is a criminal offence to hold onto or pass on counterfeit notes. If you suspect a note is counterfeit, take it to the police as soon as possible.


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