Tonga's bus association seeks removal of taxes

    Tonga’s sole bus association, ‘Otu Motu Anga’ofa had sought the intervention of the Prime Minister, Lord Tu'ivakano to remove taxes charged on diesel and spare parts.

    Kaniva understands the association submitted a letter to the Prime Minister's Office on Friday 21.

    Samipeni Finau, President of the Association  claimed the last bus fare rise was  in October 2008 and since then petroleum prices increased almost every month making it hard for bus owners to meet maintenance and fuel expenses.

    Finau said marine transportation is exempt from diesel and spare part taxes and the association is asking the Prime Minister to do the same thing for the buses.

    Finau also said bus owners take into account Tonga's financial plight and only charge bus riders what they think might be affordable for them.

    He said the normal bus fare for adults from Niutoua to Nuku’aofa is TP$2.90 per person but Niutoua buses charged adult for TP $2 only.


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