Japan grants USD$110,895 for 'Eua schools

Japan gave Tonga a grant of US$110,895.00 (TP$183,327.98) on Tuesday to upgrate Hofangahau College and Tufuvai Government Primary School in ‘Eua.

H.E. Dr. Kazuchika Hamuro, Ambassador of Japan to the Kingdom of Tonga said  education remained one of the priority areas of Japan’s development assistance to the Kingdom of Tonga.

He said, “Education also widens the horizons for students and empowers them to achieve their goals in life.

“The student’s learning experiences in primary and secondary education become the foundation of their life to come,” added Ambassador Hamuro.    

The joint signing ceremony held at Hofangahau College in Petani, ‘Eua, was also attended by Rev. Dr. Mele’ana Puloka, the President of Education of the Free Wesleyan Church, as well as other distinguished guests.

Rev. Dr. Mele’ana Puloka thanked Japanese government for the grant.

“We are most grateful to God and greatly appreciative of the Japanese Ambassador, the Japanese Government, and the Japanese people,” she said. 


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