Fofo’anga club farewell a mate

The funeral of Samuela ‘Amanaki, a much loved and valued member of the Fofo’anga Club in Sydney, was held this morning at Fetu’upongipongi Hall in Granville. He died on February 12.

Club members, kainga, friends and family gathered last night at the Fofo’anga Hall at Bankstown in memory of ‘Amanaki.

His musical talents, gentlemanly manner, easy-going and dependability have been the focus of the  tributes paid to him on social media since he died.

‘Amanaki died peacefully at the Mount Drutti Hospital on Wednesday last week after a 14 month long battle with lung cancer. He is survived by his wife Daisy and four children.

He will be laid to rest at the Rockwood Cemetery in Sydney this afternoon.



Samuela 'Amanaki (R) – Lead guitar



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