Crown Prince opens Te’ekiu new community hall

Crown Prince Tupouto’a has officially opened Te’ekiu’s new TP$700,000 community hall today.

The Prime Minister Lord Tu’ivakano in a speech during the celebration said, “This new community hall will be an assembly center for the community in times of natural disasters and a center for education and health development programs, church functions and other family gatherings”.

US Navy Seabees along with agents from Australia, New Zealand and Japan conducted education and health assistances as well as establishing a construction training project in the Community Hall for the public.

Lord Tu’ivakano, “thanked the US Navy Seabees for all the hard work in building and facilitating the Te’ekiu Community Hall – a long-awaited project requested by the estate holder Motu’apuaka and the people of Te’ekiu, twenty six years ago”.

“The US has not only built a new hall for Te’ekiu, but have set out new hopes and visions for the people and the future generations of Te’ekiu,” added the Lord Prime Minister.

“The official opening was attended by the Deputy Chief of Missions of the US Embassy in Suva, Mr. Jeffery Robertson and the Tonga Desk Officer at the US Department of State, Mr. Ray Sudweeks, as well as Brigadier General William Burks (Adjutant General of the State of Nevada, USA)”.


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