Assault most reported crime in December

NUKU'ALOFA,TO –  Police report says  236 criminal offences were registered over a period of one month.

From December 2013 to February 2, 2014 a total of 37 crimes were registered on Week 1, 28 crimes on Week 2, 54 crimes on Week 3, 67 crimes on week 4 and 50 crimes on Week 5.

Assault was the most reported crime with a total of 63 offences reported to the Tonga Police followed by 59 thefts, 47 housebreaking, 19 embezzlement, 5 bodily harm, 4 indecent assault, 4 false pretense followed by 1 each for rape, unlawful entry into building, abetment of crime, intimidating of government servant, use of threatening language to government servant, assault with intent to rob, grievous bodily harm, obtaining money by false statement and forgery.

Most offences were reported and registered at the Central Police Station with 137 out of the 236 Offences, followed by 32 offences registered at the Mu’a Station, 25 at the Vaini Station, 23 at Nukunuku Station, 9 registered at Neiafu, 5 at Nomuka and 4 at ‘Eua.

A total of 267 Offences were registered under other Criminal Offences Act with drunkenness and disturbance the most reported.

Traffic Offences reached a total of 508 registered offences with driving an unregistered vehicle the most reported followed by not licensing of motor vehicle for quarter December, 2013 and Motor Vehicle not annually examined.


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