$20m to build new hospital in Ha’apai

    The Tongan government has revealed an estimate of TP$20 million funded project by the Australian government to build a new hospital in Ha’apai.

    Health minister Lord Tu’i’afitu told an audience in Nuku'alofa yesterday the cabinet has approved the project and his ministry is working on the conceptual plan.

    The new hospital is expected to be built in a 24 acre of land at Fiehua in Ha’ato’u, Ha’apai according to the Tonga Broadcasting Commission news.

    This means works and all health activities conducted at Niu’ui hospital – which was hugely damaged by the cyclone Ian in January 11 – will move to the new location once the new construction completes.

    The Australian government helped fund the master plan for the conceptual design of the refurbishment and development project for the Vaiola hospital’s new health facilities commissioned by the king in 2012.


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