Tonga’s minister of finance told to resign


The Prime Minister of Tonga has told his Finance Minister Hon Lisiate ‘Akolo to resign a reliable source has revealed this morning.

Hon ‘Akolo was in Auckland but left for Tonga this morning after he was yesterday Monday 6 hand-delivered a letter by the Tongan consul in Auckland, Stafford Aho.

'Aho confirmed to Kaniva News this morning PM Tu'ivakano was here in Auckland yesterday with his secretary, 'Aholotu Palu on their way back to Tonga  from Australia.

Palu gave 'Aho a letter and asked him to pass it on to 'Akolo.

'Aho said he did not know about the content of the letter.

He was surprised when he was told the letter was for 'Akolo to resign.

'Akolo could not be reached for comment but the source, who wanted to speak on condition of anonymity because the minister was on his way back to Tonga saying he would dispute the resignation order,  said the letter was from PM Lord Tu’ivakano demanding ‘Akolo to submit his resignation.

No one from the Prime Minister's Office was available to comment.


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