Tonga police seize drugs

Tongan Police Officers on January 28 searched and seized about 41 cannabis plant, 5 packets of cannabis leaves and one packet of approximately 218 cannabis seeds at a tax allotment in Fua’amotu

They also arrested and charged a 17 year old man with possession and cultivation of these drugs and is detained until he appears at the Magistrate Court on Monday 3rd February, 2014. 

Police have gathered information relating to this tax allotment for sometimes and on Tuesday have gathered enough information to conduct the search warrant.  

The street value of these drugs if it was sold on the market is approximately at around TOP$100, 00.00.  Further Investigation continues. 

On Wednesday 29th January, 2014 Tonga Police Officers from the Criminal Investigation Unit while conducting a Search Warrant at Houmakelikao on a different case, seized 5 Cannabis palnts and 8 small packets of Cannabis leaves. 

They also arrested and charged two male ages 47 and 23 from Houmakelikao with Possession and Cultivation of Illegal Drugs and are detained until they appears at the Police Magistrate Court on Monday 3rd February, 2014.  Investigation Continues.   


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