Tonga High School awarded Zayed Future Energy Prize


Tonga High School received the High School Category, Zayed Future Energy Prize, at a ceremony at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi last week.

The global high school award entitled Tonga High School to a $100,000.00 grant but that would base on financial information submitted with its project.

The High School Category aimed at encouraging future generations across the globe to appreciate and value issues related to energy and its sustainability.

To be qualified for  the High School category award each school has to submit a detailed proposal for a project that promotes energy and sustainability measures.

"The Tonga High School was selected for its project to install solar panels and energy-efficiency measures that will power up to 100 per cent of the school’s electricity requirements".

Tonga High School won the Global High School Category after competing with a an Adeliade high school in Australia.

The annual US$4 million prize is awarded in five distinct categories: Large Corporation, Lifetime Achievement, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) and the Global High Schools Prize.

Tonga’s Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Lord Tu’ivakano attended the ceremony.

“This is a proud moment for the Kingdom of Tonga, Tonga High School, and the Pacific as a whole,” said the Prime Minister.

Tonga High School's prize was received at the ceremony by one of its female students ‘Ailine Teumohenga from Ha’ateiho and Kolomotu’a, a daughter of Neomai and ‘Eti Teumohenga.

Teumohenga                        'Ailine Teumohenga receiving the prize.                 Image Credit: WAM/Ryan Carter


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