Tonga cyclone warning reissued

Forcasters at Tonga Meteorogical Services have warned Tropical Cyclone Ian is again threatening Tonga.

A gale warning is now in force for Niuafo'ou and Vava'u

A gale alert remains in force for Ha'apai groups

A strong wind warning remains in force for Niuatoputapu and Tafahi

A heavy rain advisory remains inforce for Niuafo'ou

Tropical cyclone Ian category 2 was located near 16 decimal 6 south 176 decimal 8 west or about 170km southwest of Niuafo'ou or about 375km northwest of Vava'u

At 7:00am this morning.tropical cyclone Ian has estimated winds of 65kts near its centre with momentary gusts up to 80kts.the cyclone continues to intensify and is moving northeast at 3kts but is expected to move southeast in the next 6 to 12hours.

On its current track, tropical cyclone ian may bring damaging gale force winds to Niuafo'ou in the next 3 to 6hrs and to Vava'u in the next 18 to 24hrs.


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