French CASA helps take 9-year-old patient

A boy who suffered severe stomach pain since Thursday and was treated by the local nurses at Ha’afeva was today flown to Tongatapu by the French military aircraft CASA.

Lemoto Latu, 9,  of Fotuha’a Island was accompanied by his mother and another woman on the aircraft, on their way to Vaiola Hospital.

Dr Tevita Vakasiuola from Niu'ui Hospital told Kaniva News they sent the patient to Tongatapu because of the condition of the Ha’apai hospital after the Cyclone Ian hit on Saturday 11.

The Honorary French Consul to Tonga, Tupou Pasikala who travelled on the plane to Ha’apai as part of the French government’s aid to Tonga on the cylone said today was the second day of the CASA’s mission for Ha’apai.

“We took more aids today and they are now awaiting the NZ aid arriving this morning at 1 am. We also took personnel from different companies like Tonga Power limited, hospital and Police,” Pasikala said.

The French aircraft which can carry about four tons of loads, best suited to short runways and highly versatile is operating under a joint effort by the armed forces of Tonga, New Zealand and France. 

CASA continued its rotational flights between Tongatapu and Lifuka today and tomorrow will be the last day before it returns to New Caledonia.

Featured image: Mona Palu


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