Christmas holidays bring immigrants together

As 2013 wraps up, many of us have our minds on friends and family with the holiday season in full swing.

For the Tongan immigrants a few days off around Christmas and the New Year is an opportunity not only to unite with own family but to gather with villagers they grew up in Tonga.

Such gathering Tongans from all walks of life either celebrate what they have achieved throughout the year or they set up a common purpose to work on the following year.

The kainga from the village of Ha’akio in Vava'u, Tonga met at the Mangere Bridge beach before last Christmas to mark what their Fietokoni Group had so far organised to donate to Ha’akio this year 2014.

Senilose Pouanga, the vice president of the group said they planned to send lawn mowers and computers to the village.

They donated money through regular fundraisings to fund the project, she said.

The group members are mainly families and villagers of Ha'akio who reside in Auckland.

The Fietokoni Group offcials: Predident – Lusia, Vice-president – Senilose Pouanga, Treasurer – Fetutuki Murare,  Assistant – Neta Lolohea, Secretary – Morningside Vea, Assistant – Kato Po'ese, Campaigner – Tinitali Maka and the Liaison Officer is Mosa'ati Maka.


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