Tongan families in Manukau to receive bodies of crash victims

AUCKLAND, NZ: A funeral procession that travelled in more than 1000 km of road distance or more than 700 km if taken by plane from Greymouth in the South Island to Manukau City in the North Island  was expected to arrive today at the 11B Leila Place, Manukau City, a family member told Kaniva News. 

It has been revealed that Lavinia Langi, 43, nee Manui Kitekei’aho, and her teenage son, Lesili Langi, 15, who died in a car crash Monday, Dec 16, were drowned after the van Mrs Langi was driving veered off the Taylorville Rd, a few kilometres from Greymouth and hurtled over a bank into a creek where it turned upside down.

The incident happened while it was raining.

Another passenger, the three year old Kavana, was taken to hospital after he scrambled out from the wreck and was rescued from the water by passing motorists, who were unable to save the other sibling and the mother.

Kavana had since been released from hospital after he was treated with minor injuries.

The family of nine are of Tongan descent and they migrated into New Zealand in 2007. 


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