Tonga team enjoy New Zealand scout jamboree

AUCK, NZ: Twelve Tongan scouts are at Fielding in Manawatu to join the 20th New Zealand Scout Jamboree on Saturday 28  until January 6.

The Tongan team are represented by the 'Apifo'ou College scouts led by Viliami Fuapau, the scout contingent leader and his assistant Lesieli Vaohea, both are teachers at Apifo’ou College.

More than 1200 volunteers are also attending the event which is held every three years.

The Tongan Scouts will be joined by scouts and leaders from, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Korea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands and Hong Kong to enjoy nine days of challenges.

While they are there they will eat 360kg bacon, 76,000 slices of bread, 2700 tins of fruit salad, 2200 litres of ice cream, 450kg of sliced ham, 46,000 biscuits and 26,000 bananas.

They will also drink 12,000 litres of milk.

"Jamboree is an event where thousands of Scouts come together from all around New Zealand and further afield and experience being part of a wider community and meeting others with a common interest," said Scouts NZ National Commissioner Kelly Bleakley.

"On top of that, they can take part in a high-quality adventure programme that provides them with new experiences and gets them enjoying the outdoors and challenging themselves."


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