Faua Wharf death: man died from natural causes

The 56-year-old man found dead at Faua Wharf  Monday Dec 9 died from natural causes, a coroner said

Mr. Sione Ikahihifo Mafi (56)  was living at Pahu in Tongatapu but he comes from Petani, 'Eua.

Mafi’s body was released to his family after the inquest yesterday police said.

A security guard first saw the man sitting outside Reef Café at the wharf.

The security guard was on his way to a ferry that arrived from Eua at 6:00pm.

When the guard returned from the ferry he saw the same man but this time he was lying down. He checked and found out he was unresponsive.

Police were called to the scene and the man was rushed to Vaiola Hospital where he was pronounced dead.


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