Little prince shows his true colours

Tonga’s Prince Taufa’ahau Manumataongo, who is just six months’, showed his true colours  at a welcome for members of the Tongan national team last week.

The little prince was dressed for the occasion in a red infant jersey with ‘Mate Ma’a Tonga’ printed on the back.

Prince Taufa’ahauManumataongo, who would become king of Tonga in the future, attended the ceremony with his parents, Crown Prince Tupouto’a and Crown Princess Sinaitakala.

The members of the royal family were invited to be special guests at a welcome ceremony and fund raising concert for the team.

Eight members of the Mate Ma’a Tonga team flew home from England to celebrate Tonga’s participation in this year’s Rugby League World Cup.

The Crown prince is patron of the Tonga Rugby League Association.

This was the first time so many Tongans had been able to see the baby prince.

Crown Princess Sinaitakala showed the royal couple’s son to the people, who vied for his attention by smiling and waving.

The organisers of the fundraising concert said they did not expect the royals to stay for the fundraising because of the long parade from the airport .

 “But the Crown Prince was intrigued by the support of the people and he just got off his vehicle and went straight to the tent erected for the fundraising concert,” Mate Ma’a Tonga team President Semisi Sika said.

“He remained at the fundraising with his family till it finished.”

Events like the fundraising concert are normally attended by commoners and President  Semisi Sika said they felt honoured to be joined by members of the royal family.


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