Law officials discuss laws with villagers

An educational opportunity for the  villagers to learn about "village laws" in Tonga has been organised by the Attorney General’s Office to begin next week Monday 25 –  29 November.

It is a chance for the Tongatapu community to understand how the law is applied, and also to discuss views on current laws, which may lead to law reforms, AG Office says.

The theme is “Village Laws” and the intention is to discuss laws directly relating to life in villages.

Such laws include laws relating to the powers and duties of town officers and district officers, order in public places, stray animals, loud noise and music, dances, land rights, cemeteries, domestic violence, access to tobacco and alcohol, and traffic offences, to name a few. 

The programmes that will be delivered in Law Week 2013 will consist of a daily radio talk back show on Radio Tonga from Monday to Friday at 2pm to 330pm, and also a nightly television discussion panel that will be broadcast on Television Tonga, with town officers from different villages in Tongatapu. 

The public is invited to listen and participate in the daily radio talk back shows, and also to watch the nightly television programmes. 

Law Week 2013 is jointly funded by the Government of the Kingdom of Tonga through the Attorney General’s Office, and the New Zealand Aid Programme through the New Zealand High Commission in Tonga. 


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