Community work: 46 Marijuana plants found

    A man from Kolonga has been given a 120 hours community work and suspension of a two year imprisonment, after he was found guilty of planting marijuana in a bush allotment.

    Manitisa Mafi, who was arrested on July 12, pleaded guilty but humbly asked the magistrate to forgive him, saying what he had done was absolutely wrong.

    The court was told the bush allotment belonged to a person known as Koli Mafile’o.

    Police received a report that the marijuana plants were spotted in the allotment.

    Scouring the area police found 46 marijuana plants and also arrested Mafi. Then Mafi admitted, at the time, that he was the one who planted the marijuana.

    In handing down his verdict, Magistrate Salesi Mafi  said the quantity of the plants found suggested sale or supply, therefore he would sentence him to 120 hours community work, on the condition that he will not commit any further crime for two years.

    He reminded Mafi that if he did happen to breach his two years imprisonment suspension, he would be recalled to court for a decision to serve those two years.


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