Changes proposed to Vava‘u electorate boundaries

Vava’u electorates will receive a new general electorate change, while 15 other electorates across Tonga remain unchanged.  

Tonga’s electorates have 17 altogether in which10 constituencies are on the mainland Tongatapu, one in Eua, two in Ha’apai, three in Vava’u and one for the Niuas.

The Tonga Electoral Boundaries Commission released its proposed Vava'u electoral boundary changes this week.

The village of Utui in Vava’u could now move from Vava’u 15 to Vava’u 16 electorate, says a statement released from The Electoral Boundaries Commissioners office.

The proposed names, outline maps and official boundary data of the re-determined electoral constituencies are published in the Electoral Boundaries Commission – Proposed Boundaries Report 2013, the statement says.  

Currently Vava’u 15 has six constituencies and they are Neiafu, Fungamisi, Falaleu, Makave, Toula and ‘Utui.

Vava’u 16 has Ha’alaufuli, Ta’anea, Ha’akio, Houma, Mangia, Mataika, Feletoa, Leimatu’a, Tu’anekivale and Holonga.

Tonga will hold its second General Election under its new system of government in November 2014. 


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