Rugby League Cup 2013: A lot of pride in Tonga – Hon. Vaipulu

The Acting Prime Minister, Hon Samiu Vaipulu said the Mate Maʻa Tonga's loss 24 – 26 to Scotland's Braveheart in England yesterday was a win for Tonga.

He said it was a superb performance and the nation was indeed on a real high after the match despite the fact they did not expect a defeat.

There are a lot of pride in Tonga about the way Mate Maʻa Tonga had conducted itself, he said in Tongan in a statement released to Kaniva News.

Vaipulu presented his message in the Tongan formal way of speaking to the fonua or the public when addressing them on national matters.

He began with the fakatapu, asking the Almighty Father and then the king and the royalty to allow him to speak and convey his message of support and gratitude to the Mate Maʻa Tonga team.

He mentioned the Prime Minister as he is currently out of the country, the government and the people of Tonga in general saying he spoke on their behalf to extend his sincere and warm appreciation to the Mate Maʻa Tonga for their hard work.  

The Acting Prime Minister lauded the captain of the team and all Mate Maʻa Tonga officials for the collaborative efforts that successfully made it to present to the world of Rugby League such a brilliant performance.  

Hon. Vaipulu appeared extremely elated and thankful in the way he presented his message in Tongan.

He concluded by saying that the sporting fund of TOP$400,000 the government has granted earlier this month  to help fund the  players allowances has now been confirmed.


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