Folaha villagers promote close relationship in Auckland

This weekend, the Lufe’s kāinga from the Loutokaiano present sport, entertainment and religious activities to mark what they call, Folaha Day. This is to get the Folaha community in Aotearoa to value their identity as people who grew up in that village in Tonga.

“It is to appreciate that we belong to Folaha, our village of origin, and for the last three years here in Aotearoa, the Folaha Development Society appears to have achieved many of its goals to get our children to know each other,” said Dr Opeti Taliai, the chairperson of the FDS.

The Folaha Weekend is part of a program organised by the FDS to promote friendship and unity amongst villagers.

Throughout various sporting events held from 10am till 3pm on Saturday at the Walter Massey Park, excited youths couldn’t stop flocking together in the field, playing volley ball and rugby union.  

Elders have been taken on a tour around Auckland mainly at One Tree Hill, Mission Bay and the Auckland Memorial Museum, Soana Muimuiheata, the secretary told Kaniva News.

The programme continued today with a pohiva, a singing night where the villagers are divided into various groups, and each has to perform religious songs.


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