Suicide: Vava’u man found hanging from a tree

Police believed that a man found hanging himself from an Ovava tree in Matamaka, Vava’u on Monday, September 2 was committing suicide.

22 year old Siosaia ‘Atu ‘Ala of Ta’anea, Vava’u was found hanged to a branch of the tree with a kafa kulasi ( sennit made from wools).  The ovava tree is located at the beach of Matamaka just outside a church building.

The Vava’u  Police Inspector, Netane Falakiseni  told Kaniva News the victim is from the village of Ta’anea but recently moved to Matamaka because his sister is married to a man from the island.

“What we have so far is we suspected that a girl has been one of the motives for ‘Ala’s suicide. They were not boyfriend and girlfriend but apparently the victim was madly in love with the girl. He tried on a number of occasions to approach her but the girl repeatedly rejected him,” Falakiseni said.

Police would not release the girl’s name and said their investigation continues.

Last month a  teenager fatally shot himself in Tu’anekivale, Vava’u in an incident police  reported as a suicide committed because the victim had a falling out with his girlfriend. The victim and the girlfriend were both students at high schools.


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