Faka-Sepitema: Women in white

The Tongan-Auckland based protestant  churches held women’s Sepitema day today Saturday.

At the Free Church of Tonga in Mangere, Auckland,  women wore white clothes the normal colour  for the formal occasion.

The annual event  held in the month of September, hence its name,  is a religious ceremony  where every woman in  the church stands up and answers yes when her name is called out.

It is one of the biggest events all Tongan protestant church members looked forward to during the year.

Free Church of Tonga parishioners travelled all the way down from Northland and the  Bay of Plenty to attend their Septema day at their Favona headquarter in Mangere.

The President Reverend Semisi Fonua chaired the Faka-Sepitema.

A pōhiva (religious evening singing) was arranged by the church for tomorrow  to mark the  conclusion of  the women's Sepitema ceremony.


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